Garage Door Maintenance Won’t Leave You Out in the Cold

A broken garage door can make your home vulnerable to the harsh winter elements and is more than a slight inconvenience. Keep up with proper garage door maintenance so you won’t be left out in the cold. Winter temperatures can put extra stress on older garage door springs. Add to that the average 1,500 times a year the door is raised and lowered, and that can be a recipe for failure, which is never convenient.

 Here are a few tasks you can do yourself:

  • Keep your garage door from freezing to the ground by keeping the bottom rubber seal clean and dry. Use a cloth to wipe off the bottom rubber seal and keep all moisture away from the bottom of the door. If you engage the electric opener when the door is frozen to the ground, this can result in major damage to your door system.
  • Over time, dirty tracks can cause the door system to become misaligned. Clean out the tracks and doorframe of leaves, twigs, dirt. Foreign objects in the track do not allow the rollers to operate correctly, and they wear out quicker. If the door drags or binds, it strains the electric opener, making it work that much harder.
  • Keep the safety sensors clear and clean. In an attempt to keep the snow out of our garages, we sometimes bump the sensors near the bottom of each side of the garage door opening. Make sure they are aligned and that the lenses are wiped clean from debris and dirt. Be sure not to block the sensors with snow, snow shovels or other items. If the sensors are blocked or out of alignment, the garage door will not close properly.

The IDA, International Door Association, recommends annual garage door maintenance for safety and efficiency. Call us for your garage door tune-up today! Or schedule service online here.