3 Clues Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring

If you have an electric, remote controlled garage door opener, you have springs. And this means you have springs that can break. The torsion spring, directly above the closed door, provides 100% of the lift needed to raise the door.
Winter is coming, so consider this - when the weather gets cold many of us feel it in our bones… we get stiff and move slower. And so does steel. The garage door torsion spring is steel, coiled under great pressure, sitting quietly overnight in your cold garage. Yep… that loud bang you heard is your spring or springs breaking!
Here are 3 ways to detect you need to call a repair technician:

  1.  Quick Closing
    Your garage door should close quickly, but in a smooth, controlled fashion. It should not crash to the ground.
  2. . Uneven Opening
    The door with extension springs has a spring on either side to pull it up by evenly distributing its weight. However, if one spring is failing or broken, you’ll likely notice one side of the door tilting downwards. This situation occurs because only one spring can hold the weight and the damaged side can’t pull the door up. Without prompt action, your garage door can become stuck in its tracks.
  3.  Loud Noise
    Damage can occur in a stationary position as the spring unwinds on the door mechanism or breaks. When it snaps, the resulting crash of the door is usually loud enough to be heard outside the garage.

If a spontaneous Spring Break happens, it may be because one or both springs are aging, poorly lubricated, or corroded. Most types are designed to last for about 10,000 cycles (up and down), so if yours are approaching that threshold, maintenance becomes imperative.

Annual maintenance will help keep the garage door springs clean and the door balanced which can help the system last longer. If you think your garage door has a broken spring, reach out to the team at Overhead Door™. For one low price, we will perform our fourteen (14) point maintenance tune-up and safety inspection on up to three garage doors and our twelve (12) point inspection on up to three openers.
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